Smart City Logistics

Features overview

Smart City Logistics enables you to design and build a greener city logistics. It offers a wide range of features that simplify communication and decision making about urban logistics.


The team is composed of multidisciplinary engineers. For more information about the Smart City Logistics platform and iGUESS, please contact the product manager . For more information about the LaMiLo project, please contact the project manager .


Smart City Logistics has been developed and is hosted by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology. It was part of the LaMiLo project, an initiative funded by the programme Interreg IVB NWE

Smart City Logistics is based on the open source geospatial software framework iGUESS built on the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Standards. It allows easy and transparent ways of data integration and exchange, the integration and linking of modelling tools and the visualisation of information. iGUESS provides a basis for web based decision support platforms in the fields of Urban Logistics, Energy planning, Water management, Air Pollution and Ecosystems Services to make our Cities smarter.

The iGUESS Software Framework Team

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